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Your company has made an investment in a web site. Your recognize that potential customers use the web to find suppliers of products and services. Now your challenge is - how do you stay on top of emerging technology, leverage the investment you have already made and continue to reach potential clients wherever they are?

Mobile Web Converters has the solution - fast affordable conversion of your existing web site to a mobile web site. Within a matter of days, we can have your web site content in a format that will work well for today’s mobile web user. If you haven’t done so yet, try going to your own web site via a mobile web browser. Most cell phones have internet capability - you should know how your important company and product information appears to mobile web users.

If your web site is like most of our clients, trying to view it on a mobile web browser produces results that are - well, less then acceptable for both you and your potential customers.

Why worry about how your web site appears to mobile web users? It’s a growing part of the internet and as with similar technologies, it’s likely to become even more important over time.

Mobile Phone Use Poised to Overtake Land Lines
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Remember the initial resistance to building a web site? How lots of people in your company had to be talked into finally getting a web site up and running? Now your business could hardly operate without a web site. Imagine if you had built a web site at the beginning of the internet boom instead of waiting as long as you did. Don’t make that mistake again. Position your company for long term success by getting out in front of the mobile web trend and this time - be ahead of your competition.

Mobile Web Converters has the perfect mobile web site solution for small and medium sized businesses. For only $495.00 (US) we will convert the most important portions of your site into a mobile web standard format that will enable your current and potential customers access important information in a consistent, standard, user friendly format. Mobile Web Converters uses the newly introduced WAP 2.0 standards to create a complete mobile web site fully compliant with the latest standards and the "Mobile Web Best Practices" as laid out by W3C. Contact us with questions on mobile web conversion.




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